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Chartering a Sailing Yacht in the Mediterranean

There is no pleasure sailor out there worth his salt that hasn't sailed the waters of the Mediterranean at least once in his life. Praised by millions across the world for its fine sailing conditions, the Mediterranean has managed to stay in the center of humanity's attention since ancient times.

Above everything, a visit to any part of the yacht charter Mediterranean shores is a history lesson, simply because some of the most influential civilizations in our history like the Greeks, Romans, Ottomans or Byzantines have flourished across these shores.

Secondly, a yacht charter trip in the Mediterranean is an attractive holiday, thanks to the natural beauty of these shores, which range from islands with sandy or pebble beaches, to imposing, tall cliffs towering above the waves. The rocky islands of the central Mediterranean include Sicily, Corsica and Malta, while on the extremities, you'll find fringed coastlines with many coves and even more beaches such as the Turkish, Italian or French Rivieras.

The reason why so many choose to come here for a Mediterranean sailing holiday is because here there are no significant tides, there are lots of anchoring places, and the touristic potential km by km is unmatched anywhere else in the world. Most ports are located in deep waters with no hazards, which means that even beginner skipper can venture out for a sail without too much trouble.

It's also been said that the marinas in the Mediterranean are the best in the world in terms of positioning, equipment and services, not to mention being located in the most visited places during the summer months such as the French Riviera.

A sailing yacht trip in the Mediterranean has become a common thing since annually, this destination gathers about a third of the world's tourists and even those who come here year after year can't claim they have seen it all. It would probably take you a lifetime to discover the true face of the Mediterranean and even then it probably still would find something to surprise you with.